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Eastern Connecticut Pathology Consultants, P.C. (ECPC) has a rich history of clinical expertise (over 100 years of combined experience) and is extensively involved in medical staff leadership, peer review and corporate leadership at the Board level of the hospitals and laboratories we serve.

Comprehensive medical care is a multidisciplinary job and, accordingly, we practice pathology as integral members of a patient’s clinical care team.  Indeed, ECPC has played a pivotal role in developing robust multidisciplinary treatment programs in order to increase the quality of care provided to our patients and to support our clinical colleagues.  For example, ECPC has been instrumental in the development and ongoing operation of the Eastern Connecticut Cancer Institute at the John A. DeQuattro Cancer Center.

In the laboratory, we integrate innovative and scientifically-validated advanced techniques, such as molecular analysis and flow cytometry, into traditional histologic diagnosis in order to provide our clients with the accurate prognostic and predictive information necessary to create appropriate treatment and survivorship care plans.   We constantly strive to develop new systems to advance patient care and safety, optimize workflow and productivity, and reduce costs.

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