For Patients

Pathologists are medical doctors (M.D. or D.O.) who specialize in diagnostic medicine. Pathology, literally meaning "the study of disease," includes the examination of a variety of tissue types and specimens to attain a diagnosis or generate a laboratory result.  For example, if a patient has a biopsy performed by a surgeon, the pathologist analyzes the specimen to render a diagnosis.  Other samples may include Pap smears, tumor resections, blood or body fluids. Tissue evaluation begins with a thorough microscopic examination which can be augmented by further state-of-the-art testing to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.  Pathologists also provide much of the information necessary for other physicians to develop appropriate treatment plans.

We at Eastern Connecticut Pathology Consultants (ECPC) provide high-quality diagnostic services to our patients and referring physicians.  We communicate daily with our clinical colleagues who work more directly with patients in offices and in the hospital, and we enhance our close relationships with our colleagues via leadership on multiple hospital and corporate committees.  Our pathologists direct or participate in numerous multidisciplinary treatment conferences (e.g., tumor boards) per month, and we have been recognized by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) for pathology excellence by receiving Commendation on the recent Eastern Connecticut Cancer Institute accreditation survey.   You, the patient, are the focus of our work.



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